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Commander Warehouse Equipment
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 Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd. is Western Canada's leader in industrial, material handling, warehouse and storage products.

Our vast product line includes New and Used Pallet Racking, New and Used Shelving, Mezzanines, Workbenches, Tool Cabinets, Lockers, Stock Trucks, Dollies, Rolling Ladders, Plastic Bins and any other material handling or warehouse equipment you require.

We work extensively with Military, Chemical, Petroleum, Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Warehousing, Industrial, Construction and Education Industries by providing the best product for each unique application. 

If you've ever wondered if your operation could run smoother or more efficiently. Let one of our experienced sales representatives have a look. Our expertise comes free of charge.

  • Drawer systems for warehouse shelving - Jun 23, 2016
    Organization in your warehouse will be a top priority in order to utilize your space effectively. Shelving systems, racking, cabinets, bins and the strategic placement of each should be well planned for storage of large or heavy items. But what about all those small but very essential pieces in your warehouse that need a secure home, yet should be easily accessible? At Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd., we have a number of drawer system solutions that will be vital for staying organized.
  • Keeping it safe with a security enclosure - May 17, 2016
    If you’re operating within a warehouse environment, more than likely you will own, store and use pieces of highly valuable and expensive equipment. Keeping this equipment safe is a top priority as replacing it can be costly to the business and can interrupt the flow of operations with the loss. With a wire fence security enclosure you can keep your most valuable equipment safe from damage and theft.
  • What is pallet racking? - Apr 21, 2016
    Pallets are the universal unit that helps warehouses all over the globe to ship, receive, and manage inventory efficiently. They are stackable and compact making them easy to store and organize. So then, what is the best way to organize them in your warehouse? Easy, the solution is a pallet racking system.