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Western Canada’s leader in industrial, material handling, warehouse and storage products

Cabinets, Lockers, Stock Trucks, Dollies, Rolling Ladders, Plastic Bins and any other material handling or warehouse equipment you require.

We work extensively with Military, Chemical, Petroleum, Automotive, Electronic, Medical, Warehousing, Industrial, Construction and Education Industries by providing the best product for each unique application.

Material Handling Equipment

At Commander Warehouse, we supply a large selection of equipment for material handling applications to warehouses and shipping operations across Canada. Whether you are looking for a hand truck, rolling ladder, drum truck, or piano dolly for your warehouse, we have you covered. We have types of warehouse equipment for every industry, and our heavy-duty material handling equipment is designed to handle even the toughest jobs. Our variety of stock carts and other material moving gear are ideal for handling resources for a wide assortment of industries. Some examples of industries that we work with include military, chemical, petroleum, automotive, electronic, medical, warehousing, industrial, construction, and education.

Warehouse Storage Equipment

As Western Canada’s premier warehouse equipment and supply company, we provide storage equipment systems to operations throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The warehouse storage equipment provided by Commander Warehouse incudes plastic shelf bins, cardboard parts boxes, bulk bins, metal lockers, safety storage cabinets, and all kinds of mobile shelving and racking systems. For warehouse operations that need added security, we also offer a variety of locking container cabinets. Whether you are looking for small parts containers or drawer cabinet storage, we have a warehouse storage system that will work for you.

Warehouse Racking & Shelving

Our warehouse shelving and racking solutions are designed to help your company implement industrial systems that increase efficiency and usable space. We supply warehouse racking and industrial shelving for storage facilities and industrial applications. As Rousseau shelving and E-Z-Rect shelving distributors, our pallet racking and spider shelving are some of the best available options for warehouse racking storage. We are a Canadian warehouse shelving and racking company that provides solutions for record storage shelving, slotted angle shelving, and cantilever racking to warehouse storage operations across Western Canada.

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