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The Benefits of Leasing Warehouse Equipment

Commander Warehouse offers many different specialized services to help simplify the process of purchasing high-performance warehouse equipment. These services include installation, design, in-house manufacturing and warehouse equipment leasing.

Many of our clients take advantage of our equipment leasing service because of its great value. At Commander, our preferred leasing partners allow us to provide clients with 100% financing on almost all of our products. Learn more about the benefits of leasing warehouse equipment below.

Leasing warehouse equipment keeps your working capital intact

Not all businesses can afford to purchase their warehouse equipment outright and for others, it does not make sense to deplete their working capital. Leasing warehouse equipment from Commander Warehouse allows businesses to conserve valuable working capital that can be invested into other areas of the business to help it grow.

Leasing warehouse equipment is a great option for small businesses that do not necessarily have access to the capital or financial resources to purchase their equipment. By leasing their equipment, small businesses are not forced to diminish their limited capital.

Find a flexible payment plan that fits your budget and schedule

Warehouse equipment leasing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each business is unique in both its budget and financial resources. At Commander Warehouse, we believe that leasing warehouse equipment should be simple. That is why our preferred leasing partners provide flexible payment plans that work within your budget and schedule.

You may be eligible for tax advantages

Another benefit to leasing warehouse equipment is the possibility of a tax advantage for your business. Our preferred leasing partners may be able to provide tax-timing benefits with regards to equipment leasing. It is important to note that not all businesses will automatically be subject to tax advantages. This benefit is dependent upon your company, its tax bracket and the specific warehouse equipment that it plans on leasing.

To learn more about the benefits of leasing warehouse equipment or to enquire about our leasing opportunities, please contact Commander Warehouse at any of our four Western Canada locations or fill out a form on our website. We carry a large selection of warehouse storage and shelving equipment for various applications.

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