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Corner Workstation

Often just wasted space, corners can find new purpose again with a corner workstation that regains and optimizes all the space available thanks to its many configurations. L and R cabinets can also be added under the work surface.



  • Optimizes available space
  • Wide range of options for maximum storage
  • Many accessories available for efficient organization
  • Spacious work surface with choice of two ergonomic heights
  • Multiple configurations

The corner workstation is designed and manufactured for a range of work environments. It can be adapted to work with diverse architectural constraints. You will love the functionality, order and optimization it brings to your workspace.


1. Door – flipper or sliding
2. “5S” tool storage using panels and plastic bin panels
3. Optional seated work

Ideal for a range of environments:



Counter Cabinet


Multi-Functional Surface


Computer cabinet & supports:
(options vary depending on configuration)

Multiple configurations:

Suggested solutions:




Work surface types available:

Huge selection of colours available:


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made in canada

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