EZ Rect Security Lock-Ups

Model E-Z-Rect Security Lock-Ups:

  • Transforms your E-Z-Rect shelving into a lockable storage unit
  • Bolt on to existing E-Z-Rect shelving without having to dismantle
  • Lockable Wire Mesh Doors
  • Wire Mesh Back Panel
  • Solid Side Panels
  • Easy to Install



760/WFL48-60: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 60″
760/WFL48-72: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 72″
760/WFL48-84: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 84″
760/WFL48-96: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 96″
760/WFL48-120: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 120″
760/WFL72-96: Framed Lock Up Doors 73.5″ x 96″
760/WFL72-120: Framed Lock Up Doors 73.5″ x 120″



760/WMF48-60: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 60″H
760/WMF48-72: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 72″H
760/WMF48-84: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 84″H
760/WMF48-96: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 96″H
760/WMF48-120: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 120″H



760/W72: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 60″
760/W73: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 72″
760/W74: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 84″
760/W75: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 96″
760/W76: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 120″


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