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Locking Storage Cabinets


E-Z-Rect Security Lock-Ups:

  • Transforms Your E-Z-Rect Shelving into a Lockable Storage Unit
  • Bolt On to Existing E-Z-Rect Shelving Without Having to Dismantle
  • Lockable Wire Mesh Doors
  • Wire Mesh Back Panel
  • Solid Side Panels
  • Easy to Install

E-Z-Rect locking storage cabinets are the perfect security option for commercial and industrial warehouses that already use E-Z-Rect shelving products. This type of security enclosure is designed to work with E-Z-Rect shelving in order to create a more secure shelving option for important products and tools.

Some of the applications and industries E-Z-Rect locking storage cabinets are ideal for include:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Construction industry

All E-Z-Rect security lock-ups are designed to transform existing E-Z-Rect shelving products into a lockable storage unit without having to dismantle them. These lockable wire mesh doors, wire mesh back panels, and solid side panels are easy to install, as they can be simply bolted to the shelving unit.



760/WFL48-60: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 60″
760/WFL48-72: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 72″
760/WFL48-84: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 84″
760/WFL48-96: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 96″
760/WFL48-120: Framed Lock Up Doors 49.5″ x 120″
760/WFL72-96: Framed Lock Up Doors 73.5″ x 96″
760/WFL72-120: Framed Lock Up Doors 73.5″ x 120″


760/WMF48-60: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 60″H
760/WMF48-72: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 72″H
760/WMF48-84: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 84″H
760/WMF48-96: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 96″H
760/WMF48-120: Wire Mesh Frame 48″ x 120″H


760/W72: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 60″
760/W73: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 72″
760/W74: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 84″
760/W75: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 96″
760/W76: Solid Panel 23.75″ x 120″


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