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Plastic Bins ยป Louvered Hanging Systems

Louvered Hanging Systems

Louvered Panels used with AkroBins® offer the ultimate in storage flexibility. Secure wall-mounted panels to a solid structure or mount bench-racks to surface of work benches.

Compatible with "Stackable" or "Hanging" Bins

Panel Styles
Stock Number Description Dimensions
W" x H"
004/30-618 Louvered Panel 18 x 19
004/30-636 Louvered Panel 36 x 19
754/LP3 Louvered Panel 24 3/4 x 25
754/LP4 Louvered Panel 18 3/4 x 73
754/LP5 Louvered Panel 25 x 50
004/98-600 Bench Rack 27 3/4 x 21
004/98-636 Bench Rack 36 x 21
004/30-653 Louvered Floor Rack 35 3/4 x 75 1/8


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