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All Purpose Hand Truck


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  • Pneumatic wheels 10″ x 4″
  • Height 45″
  • Width 21″
  • Nose Size 7″ x 13 1/2″
  • Capacity 400lbs
  • Weight 25lbs
  • Powder-coat Finish
  • Optional Noseplate Extension
All-purpose hand trucks feature a tubular and flat bar frame, making them the ideal choice for general purpose use in both industrial and commercial applications. All of our all-purpose hand trucks come with a powder-coat finish to help stand up to the toughest work conditions and prevent rusting.
All-purpose hand trucks are perfect for a variety of industries and applications, such as:
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Education industry
  • Garages
  • Shops
  • Warehouse applications
  • Storage rooms
  • Tool cribs
This type of hand truck features two 10″ x 4″ pneumatic wheels and a nose size of 7″ x 13 1/2″. All of our all-purpose hand trucks are 45″ high x 21″ wide and can carry loads up to 750 lbs. All-purpose hand trucks offer extreme maneuverability and only weigh 25 lbs, making them easy to transport and lift.
 All-purpose hand trucks are also available with an optional nose-plate extension for transporting wider objects.
Product Stock Number
Commercial Hand Truck 890/804


made in canada

made in canada


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