Compact Drawer Cabinets

The new "L" Compact Cabinet has been developed to better meet clientels’ needs in terms of dimensions offered, drawer confirgurations and accessories available for a compact cabinet.

The "L" Compact Cabinet is available in 18" wide, two different depths; 21" and 27". Five cabinet heights are available; 24", 28", 30", 34" and 40". A choice of base (2" or 4") in painted steel or stainless steel is also possible for raising cabinet height to free up foot room. A new security system allows you to lock all of the drawers with one central lock.

The drawers come in a choice of 6 different heights from 3" to 12" and can be accessorized with partitions, dividers and plastic bins for the best possible organization of your parts. Each drawer has a 100lb capacity and ergonomic handles that are easy to grip and look good.

The "L" Compact Cabinet is an excellend alternative to the "R" Heavy-Duty version. Take the time to learn more from the downloadable PDF’s.


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