Deluxe Metal Lockers

For Industry, Schools, Hospitals, Institutiions, and Athletic Facilities

  • Frames are rigid welded 16 gauge steel construction to prevent warping or twisting
  • Laminated honeycomb core, double panel doors for strength and sound proofing
  • Continuous door stop to prevent door damage
  • Double strength hinges welded to frame
  • Lock formed body to side connections

Order in banks of one or two lockers
To reduce handling, order in banks of 2. Where odd number of lockers required per row order bank of one for end. Example: for row of 9 single tier lockers order 4 only 430/ST2 and 1 only 430/ST1

Stock Colour
Beige door, Slate frame, Surf White body. Other door colours available on special order.

Single-Tier Lockers
Full-length storage with coat hooks, top shelf for hats, packages, books. Padlock hasp on door. Ventilation louvers top and bottom. Each locker is 12"W x 18"D x 72"H.

Double-Tier Lockers
Accomodate twice as many people in the same storage area as single tier lockers. Ideal where short coats, jackets, sweaters are normally work. Louvered doors provide ample ventilation. Each locker is 12"W x 18"D x 72"H. 36" high compartments have individual doors.

Six-Tier Lockers
Individual size is ideal for athletic equipment, shoes, helmets, sports accessories, institutional and industrial uses. Each locker is 12"W x 18"D x 72"H. 12" high compartments have individual doors.

Stock Number Bank Size Openings per Bank Openings per Locker
Single Tier
430/ST1 1 1 1
430/ST2 2 2 1
Double Tier
430/DT1 1 2 2
430/DT2 2 4 2
Six Tier
430/6T1 1 6 6
430/6T2 2 12 6

Optional Number Plates – Available to identify locker. Fits in handle box. Order 1 per door opening.
Stock Number. 430/PLATES

Did you know?
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