• Our Diamond Plate products define the market for dry area anti-fatique matting
  • These matts have a Nitricell® sponge base, a unique & resilient nitrile rubber composite that provides unparalled comfort, resilience and long-term performance
  • Designed for optimised worker productivity in heavy-use production and lab areas, the PVC diamond-plate surface resists abrasion and most chemical spills
  • Edges safety bevelled

Available in two distinct versions:
Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate No. 414
Ultimate Performance has a double thick Nitricell® sponge base, 15/16" for a little extra comfort!

Diamond-Plate SpongeCote No. 415
Best Performance is a standard 9/16" thick and has been a best seller for over 20 years!

No. 414
Stock Number
W’ x L’
SAJ810SAJ8092 x 3
NG924NG9173 x 5
NG928NG9212 x lin. ft.
NG929NG9223 x lin. ft.
NG930NG9234 x lin. ft.
SAL159SAL1585 x lin. ft.
SAL161SAL1606 x lin. ft.
No. 415
Stock Number
W’ x L’
NB416NB4202 x 3
NB430NB4313 x 5
NG410NG4122 x lin. ft.
NG411NG4133 x lin. ft.
SAL163SAL1624 x lin. ft.
SAL167SAL1665 x lin. ft.
SAL169SAL1686 x lin. ft.



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