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Dock Boards


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For Forklift and Heavy-Duty Applications!

Dock boards are the perfect solution for forklift and heavy-duty applications in commercial and industrial settings, as they offer strength and durability you can count on. All dock boards are designed to perfectly fit the average vertical distance between the truck bed and dock to allow for safe and simple loading and unloading applications.

Some of the industries and applications dock boards are ideal for include:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Shops
  • Shipping industry
  • Factories

Dock boards are available in a selection of different sizes, from 54″ wide x 36″ long to 72″ wide x 72″ long, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your specific warehouse needs. This type of dock equipment also comes in a range of different weight capacities (8000 lbs, 10,000 lbs, and 14,000 lbs) and can be equipped with forklift handles, adjustable spanlocks, or fixed spanlocks.

How To Select Your Dock Board, 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1. – Capacity. Take 80% of the combined weight of lift truck and maximum load

Step 2. – Width. Add 12″ to width of widest vehicle. Most popular is 60″

Step 3. – Height Differential. Determine average vertical distance between truck bed and dock. (Trucks can be higher or lower than dock)

Step 4. – Relate these measurements to the table below and choose board closest to your requirements.

W x L
8,000 lbs. Capacity
54″ x 36″5″KH177
54″ x 48″7″KH178
54″ x 60″9″KH179
 60″ x 36″5″KH181
60″ x 48″7″KH182
 60″ x 60″9″KH183
 60″ x 72″11″KH184
10,000 lbs. Capacity 
54″ x 36″5″KH105
 54″ x 48″7″KH106
 54″ x 60″9″KH107
 60″ x 36″5″KH119
 60″ x 48″7″KH120
 60″ x 60″9″KH109
 60″ x 72″11″KH110
72″ x 48″7″KH115
 72″ x 60″9″KH116
 72″ x 72″11″KH117
14,000 lbs. Capacity
60″ x 36″5″KH126
 60″ x 48″7″KH127
 60″ x 60″9″KH128
 60″ x 72″11″KH129
 72″ x 36″5″KH134
 72″ x 48″7″KH135
 72″ x 60″9″KH136
 72″ x 72″11″KH137
Forklift HandlesKH191
Adjustable SpanlocksKH190
Fixed SpanlocksKH192

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