Door Seals

Save Energy!

Trucks or trailers, with rear door open, back up against the Door Seals, guided by the vertical yellow strips, and make a squeeze fit that forms a perfect seal. 98% compression recovery foam pads are 10" x 12" including the 2" x 10" treated wood backing, 18" wide header pads are available. Choose 19oz or 40oz. black neoprene coated nylon covers. Also available with a choice of colours in durable 22 oz. PVC.

If driveway is not level, Door Seals must be made with a taper to fit the angle of the truck. In this case, please specify the spacing between the top of the truck and the wall, and the bed of the truck and the wall. Bumpers should be provided so truck does not compress the foam more than 5"

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