Drawer for Waste and Recycling

  • Allows for separation of waste and recycling items
  • Logos on the side to make separating items easier
  • Available drawer heights: 17" and 26"
  • Holds two containers (one black and one blue) with a divider to hold containers in place and allow for storage space at the back of the drawer
Product # Dimensions
W x D x H 
Size of Containers
 R51CG-X1701  24" x 27" x 17"  Small (7 gallons
/ 26.5 liters) 
R51DG-X170130" x 27" x 17"Small (7 gallons
/ 26.5 liters)
R51CG-X260124" x 27" x 26"Large (10 gallons
/ 39 liters)
R51DG-X260130" x 27" x 26"Large (10 gallons
/ 39 liters)


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