Drum Lifters

Safely transport, position and drain open and closed head steel drums. Simply attach the lifter on hook of chain block, monorail or crane, cinch saddle around drum, and then raise to the required height and position. Ratchet mechanism securely tightens saddle to drum. Choice of Manual or Geared models.

Manual Tilt
These models are ideal for low level pouring and dumping operations. Handles up to 800lbs. full drum capacity, 500lbs. half drum. A tilt lock on each side of hanger frame is used to secure the drum in a vertical or horizontal position. When the lock is released the operator manually tilts the drum to control pouring or dumping.

Stock Number Drum Size
DA199 45 Gallon Steel; 22 1/2" Diameter
DA200 25 and 45 Gallon Steel; 19" Diameter
DA201 21" – 23" Diameter; Fiber or Steel
DA202 19" – 20 1/2" Diameter; Fiber or Steel

Geared Tilt
These models allow accurate pouring from any height. Handles up to 2000lbs. full drum capacity. Rotating of drum is controlled by 6ft. chain loop. On models DA121 and DA124, chains can be guided into locking slots to hold the drums position, allowing the operator to let go.

Stock Number Drum Size Full Drum
Cap. Lbs.
Half Full
 DA121 45 Gallon Steel;
22 1/2" Diameter 
800  500 
 DA124 45 Gallon Steel;
22 1/2" Diameter 
1500  800 


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