Ergo Lift Pallet Truck

Multi-purpose truck for use with punch and printing presses, feeding conveyors, etc. Forks 7" wide raise loads from 3 1/4"H to 31 1/2"H. 8" diameter polyurethane steer wheels. 3" diameter polyurethane load rollers. 180° steering arc. Solid steel bar scissor construction. Loop handle with inside release control. Does not work with closed pallets unless pallet is set on top of forks. Overall length 64 1/2". Manual model requires only 21 strokes to lift loads of 700 lbs. or less to fully raised height.

Electric Model includes 12 volt battery and built-in charger.

3000 Lbs. Capacity

Type Fork Size
Width & Length
510/RGER30MA48 Manual 27" x 48"
510/RGER30MB48 Manual 20 1/2" x 48"
510/RGER30EA48 Electric 27" x 48"
510/RGER30EB48 Electric 20 1/2" x 48"


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