Fork Mounted Drum Lifter

This drum handler lets the fork truck operator raise, transport, tip and drain loaded drums without leaving his seat. Manually cinch saddle to drum and proceed with lift truck. Geared design and pull chain with 10 ft. drop allows for controlled dispensing of open and closed head steel drums up to 2000lbs. Manipulation of pull chain allows for 360° rotation. Attaches easily to truck by sliding handler onto forks and tightening 2 screw locks. No electrical or hydraulic connections required. 6 1/2" x 2 1/2"H x 30"D fork pockets; inside width between truck forks must be at least 24 1/2"

Drum Size Full Drum
Cap. Lbs.
Half Full
Cap. Lbs.
DA133 45 Gal. 22 1/2" Diameter 800 500
DA135 45 Gal. 22 1/2" Diameter 1500 800
DA134 45 Gal. 22 1/2" Diameter 2000 1000


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