Gate Valves

Manual – Closing Molasses

  • Excellent for dispensing heavy oils, light grease, varnish, molasses, honey, cream and other non-flammable heavy viscous fluids from drums and containers
  • All gates have 45-60° discharge for optimum flow control
  • Durable cast iron body, painted black enamel finish
  • Can be padlocked in sizes up to and including 2"
Stock Number NPT Inlet Size
Standard Gate With 2" Handle
DA059 3/4
DA060 1
DA061 1 1/4
DA062 1 1/2
DA063 2
DA057 3
DA058 4
Standard Gate With 4" Handle
DA055 1 1/2
DA056 2
DA054 3
 Gate Valve With Lock Nut, 2" Handle 
DA051 3/4
DA052 1 1/2
DA053 2


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