Heavy Duty Multi Drawer Cabinets

For personalized space management, our multi-drawer cabinet will surprise you, not only with its attractive look but also with its amazing versatility.

Four sizes of cabinets are available: 48" x 24", 48" x 27", 60" x 24" and 60" x 27". With the 48" wide cabinet you can create 2 banks of 24" wide and one bank of 48" wide drawers. With the 60" wide you can build a cabinet with 2 banks of 30" wide with a top bank of 60" wide. Or, one bank of 24" wide and another 36" wide with a 60" wide on the top. Couple these choices with our 10 available drawer heights (3" to 14"), our 18 standard colours and our cabinet and drawer accessories and you can create a truly personalized cabinet.

The cabinet is available in either a mobile or a stationary version. The mobile cabinet has high quality casters, stabilizing bars to ensure the rigidity of the housing, a sturdy handle that guarantees a firm grip, as well as an integrated locking mechanism, which makes this cabinet ideal for mobile applications. Both models include a lock that allows all drawers to be locked with the turn of a key.

The multi-drawer cabinet is a versatile cabinet, available in a variety of colours.


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