HEVI MOVER Machine Movers

HEVI Mover machine movers are made up of a one-piece cast frame, constructed from high-strength, welded, annealed, ductile iron, and steel rollers that are formed in an endless chain, which revolves around a central load bearing plate inside of the frame. This type of machine mover is ideal for both commercial and industrial applications, as it is designed for the easy transportation of heavy machinery.

Some of the applications and industries that HEVI Mover machine movers are ideal for include:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Construction industry
  • Military applications

HEVI Mover machine movers are specifically designed to transfer the weight of the load from the load bearing plate to the rollers in order to eliminate axle friction. Since the load is supported by several rollers, the load can easily be moved from one location to the next, even over racks and pitted areas.

HEVI Mover machine movers are also available in swivel top models for maximum maneuverability of up to 360 degrees. The notches in the spring loaded locking mechanism can also be engaged at 45-degree intervals to aid in parallel realignment after turns have been made. It is important to note that only gradual turns should be made while the load is in motion. All sharper turns should be made while the load is stationary.

Set of 4
500/HMS-22,0004 Tons3 3/16″3 3/8″8″
500/HMS-88,00016 Tons4 7/16″5 1/2″10″
500/HMS-1515,00030 Tons4 7/8″5 3/4″10 1/2″
500/HMS-3030,00060 Tons4 7/8″6 1/2″12 3/4″

*Capacity (Lbs.) of HeviMovers when used on steel plate or channel tracks. For good, smooth concrete or wood block floors, use 80% of these figures. For less than average floors of concrete, wood block or brick, use 35% of these figures.

Steering Handle
Steering handle 48″ long makes it easy to position and control direction of HeviMovers

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