Hideaway Door

  • Designed to perfectly tuck away the waste container (RK06), tech caddy, smart compact mobile "L" cabinet or certain ergonomic seats under the worksurface
  • Equipped with a handle to easily open the door
  • Offered with or without a lock
  • Add L to the end of the product number to have the hinges on the left or R for the hinges on the right
  • Order a 21" or 24" wide hideaway door to fit a smart compact mobile "L" cabinet
Product #  Dimensions (W x H) 
 RB52-1838_  18" x 34"
RB52-2134_ 21" x 34"
RB52-2434_ 24" x 34"
RB52-1838_ 18" x 38"
RB52-2138_ 21" x 38"
RB52-2438_ 24" x 38"


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