Louvered Panel

With the louvered panel, you can store parts that you need close by and make the most of the space available on the sides or inside shelving.

  • The panels can be used for hanging RG20 bins and are compatible with all plastic bins equipped with a hanging lip that are available on the market
Product # Type Dimensions
 SH65-3621 Back 36" W x 21" H 
SH65-3633Back36" W x 33" H
SH65-4821Back48" W x 21" H
SH65-4833Back48" W x 33" H
SH66-1821Side18" D x 21" H
SH66-1833Side18" D x 33" H
SH66-2421Side24" D x 21" H
SH66-2433Side24" D x 33" H


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