Marine Edge Stainless Steel

  • The edge keeps hardware and liquids from falling off
  • Serves as a worksurface and protects the top of the cabinet from impacts
  • Composite wood top with stainless steel cover (brushed finish #4)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellect corrosion resistance
  • Welded corners for attractive look
  • Offered in 12-gauge or 16-gauge steel (the 12-gauge steel top provides better resistance to impacts)
  • Thickness: 12-gauge top: 1 13/16" and 2" edge
  • Thickness: 16-gauge top: 1 3/4" and 1 15/16" edge
  • Complete number with 12 for a 12-gauge steel top and 16 for a 16-gauge steel top 
Product # Dimensions (W x D) 
RC37-4830-__M48" x 30"
RC37-6030-__M60" x 30"
RC37-7230-__M72" x 30"
 RC37-8430-__M 84" x 30"
 RC37-9630-__M 96" x 30"
  RC37-12030-__M  120" x 30"


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