Maximizer Bulk Box

Reuse the Maximizer hundreds of times to ship and store light-duty dry goods. And then collapse it flat – in just seconds. This durable, highly versatile solution is ideal for manufacturing, plastic packaging products, lightweight components and more!

  • Eliminates the need for tools, staples or nails
  • Can be stored indoors or outdoors
  • Two full-width doors improve access and ergonomics
  • Four-way forklift entry promotes easy, flexible handling
  • Superior storage space with one assembled unit storing eight collapsed boxes inside
  • Units can be stacked three high for added storage space
  • Backed by a one year limited warranty
  • Capacity – 800 lbs
  • Lid is included
Maximizer Outside
Stock Number  W"   D"  H" W" D"  H" 
*004/GL484041201 48 40 42 3/5 45 2/5 37 1/9 36



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