Mezzanine Ladders

Easy-to-install ladders help prevent injuries by providing an easy, safer access to docks and mezzanines. Available in nineteen standard lengths, with two through twenty steps. Skid resistant, perforatedm raised button "grip" treads are 1 1/4" deep and 18" wide. Sturdy, all welded, steel construction ladders are shipped complete, ready for quick, easy installation.

  • Powdercoated standard "Unitran Safety Blue"

Side-Step models are designed to be installed with the top tread level with the floor being served. Grab rungs continue for four feet above the top tread, for safety as per OSHA requirements. They are designed to be mounted beside truck loading doors to provide safer access without obstructing the door opening.

Walk-Through models have the top tread flush with dock or mezzanine floor, for safety, as per OSHA requirements. Projection from wall is 6" clear.

Floor Mounts are available. Add-FM to model number and specify exact mezzanine height.

Grip-Tread steps are 18" wide by 1 1/4" deep by 1 1/2" high one-piece steel with self-cleaning, perforated, raised buttons for slip-resistant footing.

Number of Treads Side-Step Models Wall-Mount Walk-Through
2 760/LAD-S-02 760/LAD-W-02
3 760/LAD-S-03 760/LAD-W-03
4 760/LAD-S-04 760/LAD-W-04
5 760/LAD-S-05 760/LAD-W-05
6 760/LAD-S-06 760/LAD-W-06
7 760/LAD-S-07 760/LAD-W-07
8 760/LAD-S-08 760/LAD-W-08
9 760/LAD-S-09 760/LAD-W-09
10 760/LAD-S-10 760/LAD-W-10
11 760/LAD-S-11 760/LAD-W-11
12 760/LAD-S-12 760/LAD-W-12
13 760/LAD-S-13 760/LAD-W-13
14 760/LAD-S-14 760/LAD-W-14
15 760/LAD-S-15 760/LAD-W-15
16 760/LAD-S-16 760/LAD-W-16



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