Parts Department Overview

Are You Short On Space And Time?

With Rousseau solutions, you can save a considerable amount of space while increasing the productivity of your employees.

We know that time is money. We realize that space is a valuable commodity. Since you handle parts of varied sizes and shapes, you need a solution that is both adaptable and cost effective.

Rousseau products offer a complete and integrated storage solution for your parts, no matter what their shape or size. Their drawer in shelving system, specialized racks (for mouldings, bumpers, exhaust pipes, tires, etc.), and the workstations systems are all adapted to your reality, the automotive industry.

Drawers in Shelving

Did you know that the contents of 6 shelving units (38" W x 12" D) can all be stored in one Rousseau shelving unit with drawers that are 48" W x 24" D? When you add drawers to your shelving, you can recuperate up to 50% to 70% of your storage space. Using the Rousseau drawer will help you reduce the size of your parts department, leaving more room available for money-making departments like the service department or the showroom. You will also be able to find your parts quickly thanks to our partitioning and labeling accessories. Great savings that will fulfill all of your expectations!

Main Advantages:

  • More parts stored in the same space
  • Less time spent searching for parts
  • Less time your mechanics spend waiting at the service counter
  • More time for vehicle maintenance
  • More time for your customers!

Rousseau drawers add value to your existing equipment. They can be installed in more than 35 brands of shelving on the market.


Did you know?
As a leader in industrial, material handling, warehouse and storage products we provide installation services for any product we offer. We also have leasing opportunities available.