Quadral Lateral Movable Storage

The Quadral Lateral Movable Storage system is perfect for workplaces that need to maximize storage while conserving limited space. The system is both compact and versatile, with the ability to conform to most spaces.

One of the main advantages of using the system is its lateral sliding movement, which makes the retrieval of any files or other items straightforward and effortless.

When compared to traditional workplace filing and storage systems, the Quadral Lateral Movable Storage system far exceeds expectations. Its mobile design allows for simple installation and movement. Transferring or reconfiguring the system is easy, in case your workplace moves or evolves. Additional rows of storage can be easily added if needed.

The Quadral Lateral Movable Storage system provides optimal storage for the following items

  • Documents and files
  • Boxes
  • Tools and parts
  • Medications

Here is how your facility can benefit from the Quadral Lateral Movable Storage system:

  • Improved storage security
  • Optimized space and storage
  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Better organization


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