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Rousseau Spider Shelving System

Customize Your Rousseau Product

  • The combination of shelving and Mini-Racking opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities
  • Adding modular drawers guarantees you secure organization of all your small parts
  • Vertical expansion is also a possibility thanks to the multi-level shelving system
  • Assembly is simple: shelves are installed on the posts using 4 compression clips, in 14 gauge steel. This makes for easy and fast adjustments.
  • Mini-Racking integrated into your shelving optimizes your storage possibilities

Rousseau spider shelving systems are made from a sturdy construction that is extremely quick and easy to assemble. This type of shelving system is perfect for both commercial and industrial applications, as it offers a wide range of accessories for all your storage needs.

Rousseau spider shelving systems are ideal for a wide range of different industries and applications, such as:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Automotive industry
  • Workshops
  • Distribution centres
  • Factories
  • Storage rooms
  • Tool cribs

Designed specifically for intensive use, Rousseau spider shelving systems use a combination of shelving and mini-racking to optimize storage possibilities. Modular drawers can also be added into the shelving system to guarantee the proper organization of small parts. All Rousseau spider shelving systems can easily be assembled through the use of four compression clips, in 14-gauge steel, which are used to install the shelves to the posts, and can also be adjusted to fit any warehouse space. Rousseau spider shelving systems also offer a vertical expansion option, thanks to its multi-level shelving system.

Please call for sales assistance or a detailed catalogue describing options available or choose a proposal from the downloadable catalogue.

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made in canada

made in canada


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