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Service Carts


Cart Size
16x30x34 890/1630 890/1630-3
18x36x34 890/1836 890/1836-3 890/PT-1836 890/ER-1836
24x36x34 890/2436 890/2436-3 890/2436-P 890/PT-2436 890/ER-2436
24x42x34 890/2442 890/2442-3 890/2442-P 890/PT-2442 890/ER-2442
24x48x34 890/2448 890/2448-3 890/2448-P 890/PT-2448 890/ER-2448

Model Specifications:

  1. Standard 2 shelf cart (shelf clearance = 23″)
  2. Standard 3 shelf cart (shelf clearance = 10.25″)
  3. 8″ Pneumatic casters for a smooth ride on rough surfaces (shelf clearance = 18″)
  4. Picking list holder which eliminates the inconvenience of handling loose papers
  5. A newly designed ergonomic handle to prevent strain
  • Reversible shelves
  • 2 5″ non-marking swivel casters
  • 2 5″ non-marking rigid casters
  • Weight capacity: 1200 lbs

Service carts are designed to help you move equipment or products of all shapes and sizes from one location to another, while also helping increase the efficiency of your business. These service carts feature swivel casters and weight capacities up to 1200 lbs, making it easy for you and your employees to move any item to anywhere in your facility.

Service carts are ideal for a wide range of applications and industries, including:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage rooms
  • Tool cribs
  • Medical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Education industry

All service carts are constructed from heavy gauge steel and feature a durable powder-coat finish that will help protect the cart from some of the wear and tear of everyday use. Service carts are available in a wide range of sizes, providing you with as much or as little space as you need for transporting items. Service carts are also available in 2 or 3 shelves that can be reversed to create a flush surface, making room for large boxes, bins, or office equipment.

These carts also feature 5″ non-marking casters (2 swivel and 2 rigid) for increased mobility under heavy loads. These casters are designed to make it easy to maneuver around sharp corners and tight spaces, preventing damage that can result if the cart bumps into a wall or other equipment.

made in canada

made in canada

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