Service Department Overview

A Service Department in Keeping with your Image

Whether you are looking for a basic workstation, with a little or lots of storage, or a more complete workstation that incorporates the lift motor control, the computer system, the dispensers, etc., Rousseau products can satisfy your expectations. We offer a very large number of options so that all of your needs can be satisfied by the workstation.

In order to be as ergonomic as possible, Rousseau offers workstations that are 36" high. For most people, this is the perfect height for working in a standing position in a service department. However, if the members of your team would prefer a higher work surface, a height of 40" is also available.

We always strive to offer you the solution that suits you best! With this in mind, several paint colors are available; this means that you can personalize your system in keeping with your own tastes. You can be as creative and unique as you want!

Our offer also includes a wide range of tool boxes – fixed or mobile, compact or heavy-duty. You will absolutely love the quality of these tool boxes, their attractive look, their refined design, their durability and, of course, the incredible number of configurations possible.

The purpose of the Rousseau solution is to make sure that:

  • Your customers have a positive and enjoyable experience and return again and again
  • A work environment that attracts qualified technicians and motivates them to stay
  • Your technicians have fast access to their tools
  • Your workspace stays clean, organized and safe
  • Rousseau solutions take into consideration architectural hurdles that can complicate organizing a workspace
  • The installations give a return on investment
  • A worry-free solution that meets the standards required by the manufacturer


Did you know?
As a leader in industrial, material handling, warehouse and storage products we provide installation services for any product we offer. We also have leasing opportunities available.