Shelving for Medium Parts

Spider Shelving surpasses industry standards. you will appreciate its design when you discover how easy it is to reconfigure. It is also characterized by its sturdiness and the vast array of accessories available.

  • Adding drawers gives you a combined storage system that allows you to store both small and bulky items
  • Box type shelves adjust at every 1″ c/c
Product Number
W” x D” x H”
 SRP0101  SRP0103  36″ x 18″ x 75″7
SRP0102SRP101436″ x 24″ x 75″7
SRP0111SRP011336″ x 18″ x 87″8
SRP0112SRP011436″ x 24″ x 87″8
SRP0121SRP012336″ x 18″ x 99″9
SRP0122SRP012436″ x 24″ x 99″9
SRP0131SRP013348″ x 18″ x 75″7
SRP0132SRP013448″ x 24″ x 75″7
SRP0141SRP014348″ x 18″ x 87″8
SRP0142SRP014448″ x 24″ x 87″8
SRP0151SRP015348″ x 18″ x 99″9
SRP0152SRP015448″ x 24″ x 99″9


Did you know?
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