Slope Top

  • Serves to keep the work space safe and tidy, while reducing the number of items left lying around
  • Perfect for integrating a "5S" storage system
  • The surface of the tool box and the storage cabinet is sloped 16°
  • The surface of the computer cabinet and the storage cabinet is sloped 35°
  • The top for the computer cabinet includes a fan
  • 8" High
Product # Type of Top  Dimensions 
(W x D)
 RC31-242708   For tool box and storage unit  24" x 27"
RC31-302708 For tool box and storage unit 30" x 27"
RC31-362708 For tool box 36" x 27"
RC31-422708 For tool box 42" x 27"
RC31-482708 For tool box 48" x 27"
RC31-602708 For tool box 60" x 27"
RD42-241408 For storage cabinet 24" x 14"
RD42-301408 For storage cabinet 30" x 14"
RD42-361408 For storage cabinet 36" x 14"
RD42-421408 For storage cabinet 42" x 14"
RD42-481408 For storage cabinet 48" x 14"
RD42-601408 For storage cabinet 60" x 14"
RD43-241408 For computer cabinet 24" x 14"


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