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Closed Industrial Shelving

Customize Your Rousseau Product


  • Comes with 6 Shelf Levels
  • Stocked Shelving – Light Grey Colour

Spider closed industrial shelving systems are made from a sturdy construction that is specifically designed to stand up to even the heaviest loads. This type of shelving it perfect for both industrial and commercial applications in even the toughest work conditions.

Some of the applications and industries spider closed shelving is perfect for are:

  • Warehouse applications
  • Retail industry
  • Records storage facility
  • Tool crib
  • Storage room
  • Factories
  • Shops
  • Medical industry

All spider closed industrial shelving systems are as simple to assemble and install as open shelving systems. This type of shelving also boasts closed sides and back to help prevent any product spillage from occurring. Spider closed shelving systems come with six shelf levels and are available in a wide range of different sizes and depths, making it easy to find the perfect storage system for your specific warehouse space. All spider closed shelving systems come in a light grey colour.

How To Order – Start each new row with a free-standing “Starter Unit”. By using “Add-On” units of the same depth, you can extend the row as long as your needs require. 


Dimensions Starter Unit Addon Unit
Height Width Depth Stock Number Stock Number
75″ 36″ 12″ 691/SCS6312 691/SCA6312
15″ 691/SCS6315 691/SCA6315
18″ 691/SCS6318 691/SCA6318
24″ 691/SCS6324 691/SCA6324
75″ 48″ 12″ 691/SCS6412 691/SCA6412
15″ 691/SCS6415 691/SCA6415
18″ 691/SCS6418 691/SCA6418
24″ 691/SCS6424 691/SCA6424
87″ 36″ 12″ 691/SCS7312 691/SCA7312
15″ 691/SCS7315 691/SCA7315
18″ 691/SCS7318 691/SCA7318
24″ 691/SCS7324 691/SCA7324
87″ 48″ 12″ 691/SCS7412 691/SCA7412
15″ 691/SCS7415 691/SCA7415
18″ 691/SCS7418 691/SCA7418
24″ 691/SCS7424 691/SCA7424


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made in canada

made in canada


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