Strip Curtain Doors

Ordering Information
Every strip curtain door comes complete with PVC strips and universal hardware for mounting strip curtain. Simple-to-flow installation instructions are included in every package.

  1. Determine inside width and height of door opening
  2. Select type of PVC material required, STANDARD or LOW TEMP – Low Temp, recommended for interior use only for temperatures from -40C to 37C
  3. Select from the standard sizes listed in the chart below – If required size is not available, order the next largest size – Installation instructions describe how simple trimming can custom fit almost any door opening
  4. Special size doors and hanging applications are available upon request
  5. For overhead doors, please call one of our sales representatives for assistance
Standard Door Size
Model No.
Model No.
Low Temp.
Strip Size Door Opening
W x H
KF022 KF004 8′
(8" x 0.08")
4′  x 7′
KF023 KF005 5′ x 8′
KF024 KF006 6′ x 8′
KF026 KF008 12′
(12" x 0.012")
8′ x 8′
KF025 KF007 8′ x 10′
KF020 KF002 10′ x 10′
KF021 KF003 12′ x 12′

**Doors with 8" strips have 2" standard overlap**
**Doors with 12" strips have 4" standard overlap**

Replacement Strips – 5 Per
Model No.
Model No.
Low Temp.
Strip Size
KF032 KF013 (8" x 0.08) x 8′
KF029 KF011 (12" x 0.012) x 12′


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