Write On Magnetic Tags

A fast, simple and inexpensive means of labeling high volume applications, primary uses in warehouses and other storage areas. The newly formulated write-on/wet erase tags come with an aggressive magnetic backing. The vinyl top coating makes marking with the standard wet erase marker a snap. The special wet erase feature will keep tags clear and clean for extended periods. Mark with a standard wet erase marker, erase with a damp cloth and remark.

  • 3 standard widths available
  • Cut 24″ lengths to custom size
  • Standard product thickness is 0.020″
W” x L”
 500/MAG1-03  1 x 3
500/MAG1-04 1 x 4
500/MAG1-06 1 x 6
500/MAG1-24 1 x 24
500/MAG2-03 2 x 3
500/MAG2-04 2 x 4
500/MAG2-06 2 x 6
500/MAG2-24 2 x 24
500/MAG3-04 3 x 4
500/MAG3-06 3 x 6
500/MAG3-08 3 x 8
500/MAG3-24 3 x 24


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