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Using Warehouse Storage Boxes

Using Warehouse Storage Boxes

Does your company’s warehouse currently use storage boxes to save space and maximize productivity? If the answer is no, consider the many benefits associated with storing warehouse equipment and warehouse products in storage boxes. Commander Warehouse Equipment offers many different types of storage boxes including Industry Standard Bulk Boxes, Heavy Duty Bulk Boxes, Extra Duty Bulk Boxes, Maximizer Bulk Boxes and Agricultural Bulk Boxes. Each of these different types of storage boxes were built with distinct functionality and benefits in mind. If your warehouse business hasn’t already adopted storage boxes, here are 4 storage box benefits that may help change your mind.


Ideally, all warehouses would have an endless amount of space; however, this is never the case as every warehouse faces similar challenges associated with room and space constraints. There are two options when it comes to creating more warehouse storage room. First, a business owner can always decide to change locations and move their business to a larger warehouse facility. Unfortunately, this option is usually expensive and unnecessary. The second and more realistic option is to fully optimize the current warehouse storage facility by employing the use of warehouse storage boxes. Storage boxes create more space by eliminating the clutter of warehouse products and equipment and keeping everything organized. Some Commander Warehouse storage boxes can collapse flat when they’re not in use, ensuring they won’t take up any unnecessary room; furthermore, they’re easy to stack on top of each other.


In order for a warehouse to be productive, it needs to be well-organized. It is inefficient for warehouse employees to waste precious time trying to locate warehouse equipment, warehouse products and inventory. Storing all products, equipment and inventory in warehouse storage boxes helps keep things organized, saves hours of labour and can prevent the misplacement of valuables. Storage boxes can be quickly identified through a proper labelling system.


One of the benefits of implementing a storage box system into warehouses is the many different ways they can be used. Storage boxes can be used to organize inventory, store tools and equipment and safely transfer all types of products.

If you have any questions regarding storage boxes and how you to make proper use of them in your workplace, please contact us through our website or visit one of our locations situated in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary and Edmonton. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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