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Warehouse Storage for Lease

Warehouse storage for lease

At Commander Warehouse, we are able to offer a selection of warehouse storage for lease through our preferred leasing partners. Our warehouse equipment leasing options come with a simplified leasing process, no down payment, and 100% financing on almost all of our equipment.

Why Lease Warehouse Storage?

Leasing warehouse storage equipment is a great cost-saving measure for small- to medium-sized businesses or businesses that often have more manageable growth periods. Compared to completely replacing warehouse storage equipment when it is no longer functioning properly, leasing can provide a stable, predictable bill for use, as companies only have to worry about paying a monthly rate for using the equipment.

Benefits of Leasing Warehouse Storage

Leasing warehouse storage can offer businesses a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Receiving 100% financing—Thanks to our leasing partners, most of our warehouse storage equipment is available for 100% financing with no down payment.
  • Conserving valuable working capital—Rather than purchasing new warehouse storage equipment and depleting your working capital, lease financing allows your working capital to be used more effectively.
  • Acquiring easy budgeting and inflation protection—Using leasing as an additional source of capital allows you to get the warehouse storage equipment you need while still maintaining the growth potential of your business.
  • Avoiding obsolescence—Use the warehouse storage equipment that you need, when you need it without the risk of committing to obsolete systems.
  • Enjoying ease of acquisition—Once you select the best warehouse storage equipment for your particular business needs, you can also select the payment terms that best fit your budget.
  • Getting tax advantages—Depending on the type of warehouse storage equipment, lease terms, and your marginal tax bracket, our leasing partners may be able to provide you with some tax-timing benefits.
  • Benefiting from self-financing—The majority of our lease payment options are made with the revenues generated or savings gained through using the leased system, allowing you to achieve a “profit” on the warehouse storage equipment in the first month of use.

If you would like to learn more about our warehouse storage for lease, or if you are interested in one of our products or services, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of our four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on our website.

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