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What is the Purpose of a Flammable Storage Cabinet?

What is the purpose of a flammable storage cabinet?

Understanding what the purpose of a flammable storage cabinet is and why you should use one in the workplace can help you better protect your business and employees from potential hazards. At Commander Warehouse, we want your workplace to be as safe as possible. That is why we carry a selection of flammable storage cabinets.

What is the Purpose of a Flammable Storage Cabinet?

Even though flammable liquids, such as fuel, cleaning agents, thinners, adhesives, and solvents, can be extremely useful, their chemical and physical properties can pose a number of risks to people, property, and the environment. In order to diminish the risks associated with flammable liquids, they should always be stored in a safe and compliant flammable storage cabinet.

Protects Contents Against Damage

When using flammable liquids in the workplace, it is extremely important to ensure that the packaging and content within the packages do not become damaged or contaminated. Packages that become damaged may allow the flammable liquids to leak vapours into the workplace. Without the use of a heavy-duty construction flammable storage cabinet to protect the packaging from becoming damaged by moving objects, the leaking liquids can easily become ignited and start a serious fire.

Provides Separation Between Incompatible Chemicals

Mixing incompatible chemicals could result in a violent chemical reaction, such as an explosion. To avoid the risk of incompatible chemicals being accidentally mixed, they should be separated into different flammable storage cabinets. Flammable storage cabinets can be especially useful for separating flammable liquids from other dangerous goods in confined space, as it eliminates the need to keep incompatible substances at least 3-5m apart.

Contains Spills

Storing flammable liquids in a flammable storage cabinet decreases the risks associated with spills, such as environmental pollution, workplace fires, and asphyxiation. In the event that one of the liquids spills, the cabinet will catch the liquid and prevent it from spilling outside of the cabinet and into the workplace.

Provides Fire Protection

If a fire breaks out in the workplace, flammable liquids that are left out will ignite and intensify the rate that the fire spreads at. In order to prevent flammable liquids from instantly igniting in a fire, make sure to store all flammable liquids in a compliant flammable storage cabinet.

If you would like to learn more about what the purpose of a flammable storage cabinet is, or if you are interested in one of our warehouse shelving solutions, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of our four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on our website.

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