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Wide Span Shelving

  • Welded frames ready for quick assembly
  • Side mounted beams or front mounted beams
  • Particle board shelves or steel shelves
  • Shelves supported on beams for extra strength

Widespan 4000 shelving systems are the ideal universal shelving system for bulk and lightweight items, as well as for high-rise mezzanine or catwalk applications. This type of racking product ranges in sizes from 12″ x 36″ to 48″ x 96″ and are available with flooring that can be open steel plank, plywood, or bar grating. The mezzanine floor on Widespan 4000 shelving systems can be used for storage, light assembly work, or as an office, depending on local building codes. This type of racking also allows for almost all of the space beneath the system to be available for use.

All wide span shelving systems are ideal for a range of industries and applications, such as:

  • Tire rack
  • Automotive storage
  • Muffler storage
  • Archives
  • Electrical and hardware stores
  • Golf and sporting goods stores
  • Pet stores
  • Discount stores


Manufactured from 14 gauge steel and welded into an extremely strong structure.

Front Mount Beams:

Available in 2″ and heavy-duty 3″. Manufactured from a one-piece 14 gauge rollformed section.

Side Mounted Beams:

Using side mounted beams as shelf supports provide a cost effective shelving system. The V-type design supports particle board or steel shelving in front and back for added weight capacity. Front face covers board for neat appearance and provides maximum storage space. Beams are adjustable on 1″ centres.

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made in canada

made in canada

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