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In House Manufacturing

In-House Manufacturing for Custom Storage Solutions

If your warehouse facility is in need of technical storage equipment that goes beyond the scope of standard equipment products, Commander Warehouse has the solution for you. Commander offers in-house manufacturing services for facilities that demand high-performing warehouse equipment products tailored to their precise specifications.

Our talented, in-house manufacturing team will take the time to listen to and review your exact requirements before custom manufacturing a solution specifically designed to your exact needs. As a result, your warehouse facility will perform as it should.

Offering our in-house manufacturing services in addition to our standard warehouse equipment allows us to accommodate all of our client’s needs. We have the capabilities to take any of our standard equipment products and completely personalize them for our clients. This may include adding additional custom components to storage systems or painting warehouse equipment to match our client’s corporate branding and colours.

All of our custom, in-house manufacturing solutions are designed with safety, quality and productivity in mind. This allows you to spend more time focusing on what matters most, growing your business.


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