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Shelving Systems

Being able to properly organize and maintain your products and equipment is vital to the overall efficiency of any business. At Commander Warehouse, we stock and sell a wide variety of shelving products that are perfect for helping you keep your business organized. Whether you are looking for open or closed shelving solutions, we have the best products for you.

How to Choose the Right Shelving

Choosing the right shelving solution can be difficult if you are not sure what your options are and how those options could fit into your particular storage situation. At Commander Warehouse, our goal is to ensure that our products improve the overall efficiency and organization of our customers, so give us a call and we will provide you with a free consultation to help you pick the best product.

Use our helpful flowchart to get a better sense of what the best product is for you based on your specific storage needs! View Flowchart

EZRECT Shelving Trimline - Commander Warehouse

EZRECT Shelving Trimline

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EZRECT Shelving Type 1 - Commander Warehouse

EZRECT Shelving Type 1

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Ezrect Security Lock-Ups - Commander Warehouse

Ezrect Security Lock-Ups

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Slotted Angle Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Slotted Angle Shelving

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Shelving System for Warehouse - Commander Warehouse

Rousseau Spider Shelving System

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Spider Open Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Spider Open Shelving

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Spider Closed Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Spider Closed Shelving

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Chrome Wire Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Chrome Wire Shelving

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Bulk Storage Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Bulk Storage Shelving

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Record Storage Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Record Storage Shelving

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Manual Mobile Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Manual Mobile Shelving

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Mechanical Mobile Shelving - Commander Warehouse

Mechanical Mobile Shelving

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Cantilever Racking - Commander Warehouse

Powered Mobile Shelving

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Widespan 4000 Shelving Systems - Commander Warehouse

Widespan 4000 Shelving Systems

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