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Professional Installation Services

We make installation easy! Many of our customers do not have the time, tools or resources to install their own warehouse storage equipment. That is why they come to us for all of their warehouse equipment installation needs.

Commander is proud to offer complete installation services with every product that we carry. Whether we’re adding a single bay of shelving or installing a complete warehouse storage system, our installation services save you the trouble of installing the equipment on your own. We make sure that your new equipment gets installed properly the first time.

Trained installation experts

Our top priority is your safety. Our professional installation team is trained and up-to-date with the latest Corporate Health and Safety Policies, ensuring that all of our installation services are completed with the highest safety standards.

Depending on the scope and size of warehouse equipment, installation can sometimes be complex. That is why we recommend letting our professional team handle the installation. Our team works efficiently to ensure that all equipment is installed safely which helps to prevent workplace accidents from occurring. Some of our larger installations are very complex and require the assembly of many different components. This is where our professional installation team can be of great value. Our team has the technical knowledge and proficiency to handle highly complex installations from the planning through to completion.

Commander Warehouse takes workplace health and safety seriously. These workplace health and safety reporting services are fundamental to our installation services, ensuring that our work is of the highest quality. We are proudly compliant with the following industry-leading reporting services.

ISNet World
PICS Auditing
Comply Works

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