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The company founder, Earle Morriss, first conceptulaized Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd. in 1969, when he saw an opportunity to start a franchise in every major Canadian city. In the beginning, the company started out by supplying lift equipment, casters, and wheels, as well as imported products that other companies were not selling at the time.

In 1971, Command Enterprises was formed and incorporated in Vancouver, BC. Not long after, Command Enterprises evolved into Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd., opening first in North Vancouver with three more locations opening in Calgary, Edmonton, and Surrey.

Ever since the time the company was first conceptualized, Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd. has worked hard to uphold the core values of the originial managing partners in order to provide the same level of wholesome customer service. The core values that Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd. works hard to maintain are:

  1. Treat other as you would like to be treated
  2. Under promise and over deliver
  3. Be accountable and take responsibility
  4. Celebrate successes
  5. Be passionate and determined
  6. Remain on the learning curve
  7. Focus on our customer
  8. Enjoy your work

Today, Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd. works hard to provide customers with a more complete product line that features products from Canadian suppliers and manufacturers. All of our premium high-quality products are designed to create optimal solutions for any storage or material handling you need. While we have an extensive background in the military, chemical, petroleum, automotive, electronic, medical, construction, and education industries, our product line also provides solutions for garage, shop, storage room, and general warehouse applications.

At Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd., our goal is to provide you with not only superior products but also the understanding of the importance of utilizing the proper material handling and storage solutions. Improving efficiency is our number one goal.

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