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3 Reasons to Use Wire Mesh Decking

Pallet Racking
Wire Mesh Decking

When it comes to pallet racking systems, the type of decking you use can have a significant impact on performance, safety, and value over time. That is why it is crucial to ensure that you are investing in the right decking products for your facility. While wooden decking has been used by warehouses and industrial facilities for many years, these products are no longer the best option for most operations. As a leading provider of wire mesh decks for various racking systems, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how beneficial these products can be, especially when compared to traditional wooden decking. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 reasons to use wire mesh decking to demonstrate how these products can enhance your operation.

Learn about 3 benefits of rack modernization for warehouses.

3 Benefits of Wire Mesh Decking

Wire mesh decking provides the following benefits over traditional wooden decking systems:

1. Enhanced Durability and Safety

Wire mesh decking systems offer superior durability and impact resistance due to their all-welded steel construction. By utilizing metal wires instead of wooden planks, each system can ensure that the weight of a pallet is distributed evenly, optimizing safety and stability regardless of the products on each pallet. While wooden decking systems may bend or warp over time due to changes in humidity and temperature, wire mesh decking will retain the same shape for years. Another benefit of wire mesh decking is that it is completely fireproof and allows water from sprinkler systems to pass through to lower levels, enhancing safety and reducing product loss in the event of a fire.

2. Long-Term Cost Savings

Wooden decking can be expensive and will typically need to be replaced several times over the rated lifespan of your pallet racking systems. These replacement costs can quickly add up and reduce your available funds for other areas of your facility. Wire mesh decking typically costs less to purchase and provides a longer usable life, allowing for exceptional long-term cost savings in addition to enhanced safety and performance.

3. Easy to Install and Maintain

Another benefit of wire mesh decking is how easy it is to install on nearly any racking system. While wooden decking typically requires power tools for installation, wire mesh decking can be installed quickly with standard hand tools. In addition to easy and fast installation, wire mesh decking requires far less cleaning and maintenance over time when compared to wooden decking. This allows you to spend more time on other areas of your operation without compromising the integrity of your racking systems.

To learn more about our wire mesh decking products and other solutions for your facility, get in touch with the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment. We can be reached through our online contact form and will work with you to deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

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