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Benefits of Using EZRECT Shelving

Benefits of EZRECT shelving

Getting to know some of the benefits of using EZRECT shelving will help you make an informed decision about whether or not this type of shelving system will be the best solution for your workplace needs. At Commander Warehouse, we understand how important it is to select the right type of storage solution for your workspace. That is why we carry a wide selection of different shelving systems, including EZRECT Shelving Type 1 and EZRECT Shelving Trimline.

What is EZRECT Shelving?

EZRECT shelving is made up of a completely boltless system that can be erected in a matter of minutes. While this type of shelving can easily be set up without the need for any special tools, it still provides a high level of strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for all kinds of working environments. EZRECT shelving features adjustable shelves and is available in a wide selection of different dimensions.

What are the Benefits of Using EZRECT Shelving?

Some of the main benefits of using EZRECT shelving include:

Increases Productivity

EZRECT shelving provides a high-density storage space that maximizes the available floorspace by allowing the shelving systems to be stacked vertically. By taking advantage of adding vertical shelving space, you can also increase workplace efficiencies by reducing the distance workers need to travel between the shelving and what they are working on.

Provides Versatility

EZRECT shelving systems are designed to allow for better organization and inventory control by allowing access to shelves from both sides. All EZRECT shelving systems are also fully adjustable on 2″ centres, providing you with the flexibility to change shelving heights as needed.

Offers Easy Assembly

Unlike other types of shelving systems, EZRECT shelving units are designed using a simple interlocking assembly without the need for any nuts, bolts, or rivets. This means that all EZRECT shelving systems offer fast installation, saving you time and money on installation labour costs. EZRECT shelving systems are also user friendly, as they require no special tools or skilled tradespeople to install.

If you would like to learn more about the different benefits of using EZRECT shelving, or if you are interested in one of our shelving systems, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of our four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on our website. Our team would love to help you select the ideal storage solution for your unique workspace.

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