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Drawer systems for warehouse shelving

Drawer systems for warehouse shelving

Organization in your warehouse will be a top priority in order to utilize your space effectively. Shelving systems, racking, cabinets, bins and the strategic placement of each should be well planned for storage of large or heavy items. But what about all those small but very essential pieces in your warehouse that need a secure home, yet should be easily accessible? At Commander Warehouse Equipment Ltd., we have a number of drawer system solutions that will be vital for staying organized.


Modular drawer shelving in warehouses is considered to be a highly effective and simple storage solution for organization. This no fail drawer system is offered in a variety of sizes for width and height along with multiple bold colours to choose from. This modular storage system works for just about anything and any setup due to the ability to mix and match sizes. The assembly requires you to simply hook it on and can be installed in over 35 different brands of warehouse shelving systems. Our modular drawer systems can bare a grand 400lb capacity per drawer and is considered the most durable drawer in the industry.


For other shelving systems such as spider shelving, Commander Warehouse can offer a drawer systems which feature mounting brackets for simple assembly and come in a wide variety of dimensions which will allow you to customize for the most practical and beneficial shelving solution. With the convenient option of mounting 5 – 11 drawers in one shelving unit, you will save time and avoid frustration. This quality product is made in Canada and offers a number of colour choices. It’s important to note that when ordering your drawers, shelving is not included however we can help you with that right here. With flexibility for the size and amount of drawers you can find a warehouse drawer system what works perfectly for you.


If you are looking for a warehouse drawer system that can be easily moved, check out our drawer cabinets. They offer the same customization of drawer size and quantity, but also allow you to move them from location to location easily. Perfect if you have a large amount of tools that need to be transported quickly for tasks.

Avoid losing those smaller items in your warehouse when they roll off the back of the shelf or get mixed up with other things. Save time getting the tools you need and taking quick inventory of your equipment. With our drawer systems for warehouse shelving, we have you covered. Contact Commander Warehouse Equipment for more information.

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