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Optimizing your warehouse with workbenches and workstations

Optimizing your warehouse with workbenches and workstations

One of the biggest challenges with optimizing warehouse operations is making the most out of a limited amount of warehouse space. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the advantage of moving to a larger warehouse facility and need to make due with current space constraints. Although Commander Warehouse cannot increase the square footage of a business’s warehouse facility, it can help businesses become more efficient with their current warehouse space through the addition of high-performing workbenches and workstations. Some of the benefits of purchasing workbenches and workstations from Commander Warehouse include improved workplace organization and superior warehouse operational efficiency. Learn more about optimizing your warehouse with workbenches and workstations.

Workbenches for your warehouse

From basic workbenches to complex workbenches that come with cabinets, shelves and panels, Commander Warehouse has a variety of workbench solutions to help optimize your business’s warehouse. These high-performing workbenches are designed to maximize your warehouse’s vertical space while taking up minimal room horizontally. Commander Warehouse offers a variety of different workbench materials to choose from including steel top, plastic laminate top and laminated hardwood top. Many of the workbenches come with storage shelves and drawers that are capable of keeping warehouse tools well organized and easily accessible.

Workstations for your warehouse

Similar to workbenches, workstations are a valuable workplace asset to have installed at any facility. Packing and shipping workstations are a great addition to facilities that handle the preparation of shipping orders. For facilities in need of an inventory control and receiving solution, the Receiving Workstation is of high value. It includes a steel shelf installed beneath the work surface, riser shelf supports equipped with electrical outlets and a sturdy design. Both of these workstation options are useful for a variety of different industries, especially automotive shops. Commander Warehouse has product leasing opportunities for both workbenches and workstations.

For more questions and information on optimizing your warehouse with workbenches and workstations, please contact the warehouse storage experts at Commander Warehouse. From shelving and racking to cabinets and lockers, Commander has all of the warehouse equipment you need to get your facility well organized and operating at its highest efficiency level. We have locations spread out across Western Canada in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary and Edmonton. For innovative warehouse and workplace equipment solutions, contact Commander Warehouse today.

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