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Selective Pallet Racking

Is easy to erect, expand and relocate. Ideal for warehouse plants, shops, factories, or truck terminals, from one or two bays to a complete storage system. Only 2 basic parts - upright frames and load beams which fit and lock together into a sturdy self-supporting rack in minutes without tools. Beams fit upright for a flush top level and adjust in height every 3" of the upright without interfering with beams in next bay, Used for storage of full pallets or hand-stocking heavy products on plywood, OSB or wire decking.

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In Stock Options:

Upright Frames:
To determine frame height required, add the height of the load including pallet, plus beam height, plus 6" of clearance. Multiply sum by number of levels.

Stock Number Depth Height Capacity Lbs.
894/42-096NAS 42" 8' 22,570
894/42-144NAS 42" 12' 22,570
894/42-192NAS 42" 16' 22,570

Adjustable Load Beams:
Choose beam lengths and capacities to suit the width and weight of your pallets. To determine lengths, allow 4" clearance between pallets and 3" between pallets and uprights.

Stock Number Beam Height Clear Span
Per Pair
894/04-096NAS16 4" 96" (8') 5,200
894/04-108NAS 4" 108" (9') 5,480
894/06-144NAS 6" 144" (12') 8,320

Wire Support Decking:
Drop in place over rack beams to provide support for hand loading or pallet applications

Stock Number Depth Width Use With
Beam Length
894/4246 42" 46"  8' or 12'  2500 
894/4252  42"  52"  9'  2500 

Safety Support Bar:
Used to support undersized or irregular pallets or plywood decking. Depth 42"
Stock Number - 894/SB42NAS


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