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Dynamic Storage Systems ยป Logimat Vertical Lift Module

Logimat Vertical Lift Module

A LogiMat can be described as a very large container with two columns of stacked trays. Between these two columns, there is an elevator and an extractor. When operated, the elevator spans the entire container of trays and is capable of selecting an individual tray and transferring it to a pick-window where the operator picks the desired article. There are no belts or chains to control the system's vertical travel. Travel is done by a "rack and pinion" drive design. 

A rack and pinion drive system allows for smooth, fast and precise positioning during insertion and extraction of the trays. The direct drive motors are integrated into the vertical lift eliminating the need for chains and counterweights, therefore reducing operating noise levels and the need for periodic slack/leveling adjustments. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

LogiMat drastically increases stock efficiency while improving the work environment. It provides higher throughput - pick rates up to 100 lines per hour, minimizes the floor space - saving up to 90% of the floor space, and keeps inventory clean and secure within the LogiMat thanks to the security door.

The exlusive ergonomic features increases performance up to 20%. All bending and reaching by the operator is eliminated. The counter is adjusted in height and the tray "tilts" forward when parts are brought to the picker.


Logimat Vertical Lift Module

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