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Modular Drawer Systems ยป Modular Drawer Systems
Modular Drawer SystemsModular Drawer Systems

Modular Drawer Systems

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The sturdiest and the most durable on the market

Tested in an independent laboratory, the Rousseau drawer proved its superiority on many levels: loaded to its full capacity, the Rousseau drawer completed a high level of cycles, without showing any signs of wear. The Rousseau drawer has become the champion of its category.

Details that make the difference

Ergonomic - The full-width handle as well as the accessories (Integrated Lock-In Mechanism, Lock-Out Mechanism, Lock, etc.) have been designed down to the smallest detail in order to make your work easier.

Effecient - A multitute of available accessories, such as partitions and dividers, plastic bins, groove trays, foam for tools and hanging file bars allow you to organize your space.

Accessible - Drawers open 100%, giving you complete access to the contents.

17 Drawer Sizes x 10 Drawer Heights = 170 Possible Dimensions




Modular Drawer Systems

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