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Warehouse Shelving Units for Sale

Warehouse shelving units for sale

At Commander Warehouse, we offer a wide range of warehouse shelving units for sale that are ideal for all types of warehouse applications. All of our warehouse shelving units can be custom fitted to any warehouse size and are perfect for storing all types of products.

Types of Warehouse Shelving Units for Sale

Some of the different types of warehouse shelving units for sale include:

EZRECT Shelving Type 1

Thanks to its completely boltless design, EZRECT shelving type 1 can be easily erected within minutes and is still strong enough to hold up to 1500 lbs. All EZRECT shelving type 1 units offer accessibility at the front and back, making it easy to get at the products you need.

EZRECT Shelving Trimline

EZRECT shelving trimline is the ideal warehouse shelving unit for storing files and records. This completely boltless system can be erected in a matter of minutes and offers an attractive, economical design.

EZRECT Mobile Shelving Systems

EZRECT mobile shelving systems are the ideal option for warehouse spaces that are looking to increase their storage space by up to 50% without taking up more floorspace.

Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome wire shelving offers a simple design that can be erected without any special tools. This warehouse shelving unit offers greater product visibility and helps minimize dust.

Rousseau Spider Shelving System

As the most versatile warehouse shelving unit available, Rosseau spider shelving systems provide a combination of shelving and mini-racking options and can be easily integrated with modular drawers.

Spider Open Shelving

All spider open shelving systems are an extremely economical choice when designing the storage layout of any warehouse setting, as they allow easy access to all products and are able to support even the heaviest loads.

Spider Closed Shelving

Spider closed shelving units are made from a sturdy construction that can stand up to even the heaviest loads. This type of warehouse shelving unit also comes with closed sides and a closed back to help prevent product spillage.

Bulk Storage Shelving

Bulk storage shelving units can easily be assembled and installed in almost any warehouse space. This type of warehouse shelving unit is also the ideal storage solution for storing products of a wide variety of different sizes.

Record Storage Shelving

Thanks to its tough construction, record storage shelving units are an economical choice for designing the perfect storage layout in almost any warehouse setting. This type of warehouse shelving unit is easy to assemble and can withstand even the heaviest loads.

Widespan 4000 Shelving Systems

Widespan 4000 shelving systems are ideal for storing bulk and lightweight items and can be used for either lightweight assembly work or as an office space. This type of warehouse shelving unit also allows for the use of almost all the floor space underneath the unit.

If you would like to learn more about the different warehouse shelving units for sale, or if you are interested in one of our products or services, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of our four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on our website.

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